Monday, 24 April 2017

Alone boy 20

A boy
All in in alone
Goes to
A shop
At a
Fashion shop,
Just for
Watch out
What things
Are to be
Sold there.
But as he
These things
He just think
About the MOON
Of his life.
He look the
Rings of glass,
& Just dream the
Soft hand of his
Just imagine
How he will
Coat these
In her hand.
And how she
Will got
Gloom on her face
With blush.
And they
Addicted of
Each other
In attraction of
Just watch
In each other's eyes.
A long time.

Suddenly the shopkeeper
Ask the boy for
What he needed.
And in hurry
He just says
"A bunch of glass's rings"

©® जाँगीड़ करन kk

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